Literary Map of Kari’s Cold Case

The abundance of celebrities residing in Los Angeles contributes to its notoriety as one of the most well-known cities in North America. Jill Hilbrenner, a writer for Guardian Labs, created a branded content to help advertise Season 2 of Amazon’s new hit television show “Bosch”. Hilbrenner’s article, “A murderer attacked a Los Angeles teen in 1980 and got away with it”, portrays the detective difficulties posed when technology was lacking. With the assistance of my online literary map, it not only helps the detective but also the reader, to pinpoint the critical locations involved in Kari’s murder. Technically, my map provides an investigative tool for detectives because it contains the necessary functions that ordinary maps cannot display. For example, I can change the present landscape to the 1980 murder landscape. This is significant for detectives because Los Angeles has urbanised over the past 37 years, and overlooking the skyscrapers and buildings at the time of the murder can lead to meaningful clues towards solving the case. From my map analysis, the distance between Detective Marzia and the murder scene of Kari is approximately 5 KM. Since Detective Marzia was attending a concert during the night of the murder, it is possible that Kari and the suspect were in attendance as well. This can be critical evidence to catch the suspect because Detective Marzia could examine the concert’s database for Canadians who purchased tickets from Canada, since the suspect is from Canada. Overall, police procedural work is a tough task that would benefit with the help of a tool like my literary map.


Feel free to pause the video to read my descriptions!

Google Earth file is upon request —


Works Cited

Hilbrenner, Jill. “A murderer attacked a Los Angeles teen in 1980 and got away with it.” The Guardian (2016): 4.


Author: agkwanblog

I am currently a second-year SFU student enrolled in ENGL 115- Collette Coligan

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